Thursday, September 20, 2012

"What's For You, Is For You..."

I think I am hours away from a total system crash. I am so sleepy I can taste it!

A busy day for sure. I enjoyed today's adventure, putting two more good auditions under my belt. I worked my butt off last night and this morning trying to perfect performances for two completely different characters.  It was a definite brain drainer.

I rehearsed with an actor friend which proved to be invaluable. No matter how much training you have, acting doesn't take place in a bubble so preparation for an audition can't either. There is just so far you can take a piece on your own. Having another pair of eyes gives you feedback you may never have considered. My friend Scott was amazing! He gave me a point of view that sparked my imagination and helped me to refine and improve acting choices. I finished exhausted last night but confident.  I left him to go home and allow my preparation to, like a fine wine, ferment and breathe in my imagination/emotional body.

I woke this morning feeling as prepared as possible.

With every audition, I am continuing to learn and grow. You have to work like crazy so you can hopefully create a little bit of magic that captures the eye of the casting, producers, or director so they are willing to take a chance on you. I think the biggest challenge is to enjoy the audition for what it is and let go of the desire to "Book it". I did my best. The rest is out of my hands. It's the "out of my hands" part that is slowly becoming easier to accept.

My mum always says, "Don't worry. What is for you is for you."

Ahhh... The great unknown.
I welcome whatever roles are for me,  to come to me...
sooner rather than later.:)  


  1. A great attitude, and good luck. The best thing is that you seem to be enjoying every step along the way.

  2. Thanks. I truly am! It's funny because joining in some of the discussions on Blog Catalog, like those you have put out, have really helped me get clarity on my own thinking on how I want to experience this adventure called life!