Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Becoming A Member of SGI and a Nichiren Buddhist

As of February 25, 2017,  I took the plunge and began my first step on the lifelong journey of becoming a Nichiren Buddhist by receiving my Gohonzon. I have no idea what lies ahead but for some strange reason, I have faith this journey may be just what I need to transform my health, acting career, and life in general.

What has drawn me to Nichiren Buddhism and the lay organization of Soka Gakkai International is the idea that I must take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my part in the Cause and Effect of my life experiences.

I have met a number of folks who have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for over a decade. I look forward to seeing how my life unfolds on the path and just how much it will enhance my life for the better. Only time will tell.