Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recalibrating My System

Well... I haven't been on-line or interested in doing any posting for the last month or so. I never gave much thought to the actual effect one's emotions and mental state have on their body but this month has forced me to get back into balance.

Clearly, my mum's health scare had a big impact on my psyche and body. Mum is still in the rehabilitation center learning to walk again and getting stronger. Talking on the phone I can tell she is itching to get home and back to her life. I am looking forward to visiting her and the whole family at Christmas time. My sister has been amazing taking charge of things making mum's recovery and return home her priority. I wish I was in a position to be more helpful but all I can do is be a source of emotional support.

The strange thing is, since hearing my mum is getting better, my body seems to have decided to go down for the count. I have been fighting off what feels like an endless cold, congestion and complete feeling of exhaustion. I am sleeping more and better but I have not felt healthy in a long time.

Exercise and healthier eating have been the themes of the month but I haven't felt the benefits yet. It could be that I just need to get out of Los Angeles for a bit and "recalibrate my engines" like only a trip back to Philly can do.

I am looking forward to the holidays so much I can taste it.

I am rambling. Time for a nap...