Thursday, May 29, 2014

Keeping Things Moving!

Yikes! Thank God I have a few months to go before the LA Marathon! I've been training consistently but a few too many jello shots on Memorial Day Weekend led to an impromptu sprint down a certain street in Glendale that resulted in a pulled hamstring. Ouch! That was Saturday but I am finally recovering.

I will admit I wouldn't change a thing because sometimes ya just gotta cut loose and make a fool of yourself in the safety of friends!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Living By Design or Default....

It has been more than a minute since my last post. March and April have felt like a struggle. Mostly financial stress but I am determined to trust that as always things work themselves out.

I went home to Philadelphia toward the end of March to celebrate my mum's 87th birthday which was great but coming back to LA reminded me how disconnected I have been feeling lately. I felt a need to get proactive.

Whenever financial stresses arise, I notice I am feeling a bit adrift with my spiritual self.  I decided to get back to living my beliefs. That required getting my ass outta bed and attending services at the Global Truth Center, where I became a member last October. The center focuses on the teachings of Ernest Holmes and Science of Mind thinking.  For me, it is very empowering and challenging to actually live my beliefs. I have recently signed up to participate in a 10 week "Prosperity Plus" workshop. The workshop has forced me to address my feelings on tithing and learning to allow myself to imagine what kind of life I would love to be living and actually do the work to make it a reality.

One of the concepts that has stuck with me is the idea of living by default or design. The speaker said, if you look at a year in your life, you have a choice. You can allow life to happen to you accepting the events as they come or you can decide how you would like your life to be and go about the work of making it happen. The year is going to go by whether you want to or not. So, why not spend that life GOING FOR IT and enjoying each day?

Another activity has been creating a vision statement for my life that address 4 areas: Financial, Relationships, Health, and Creative Expression. At the moment I am focused on my health and enjoying challenging myself to create the body I want rather than settling for the body my lazy choices have made..  
Okay...last year I backed out of running the LA Marathon. But thanks to my pal Heather agreeing to run with me next year, I am committed to running the 2015 LA Marathon and most importantly, dropping 45 yes, 45 lbs in the process. I am marking this as my first official day of training so it is posted with a date and I can't go back without hanging my head in shame for being a quitter!!

It is sad to say I am currently sporting a not so healthy 220 lbs which is the most I have ever weighed in my life. (Most of the excess is belly fat- which has to go!!) It may not be much for some but it is more a reminder of my letting myself go and living by "default" and not "design". Like I said, you can either let life happen to you or you can design the path you want your life to take and GO FOR IT!

2014 for me has been about WAKING UP, choosing to be HAPPY and LIVING my life to the FULLEST, regardless of the opinion of others. I have been nicotine free since January 5th and now I am ready to get this body exactly where I want it! I'm not looking for overnight results but a year of slow and steady hard work.

Wish me luck!

Attached is a video of the Marathon course. A little motivation to keep me going until Sunday, March 15, 2015!