Thursday, October 2, 2014

Prayers/Vibes of Love for my Niece/Goddaughter in the Hospital

 I'm writing this post because I need to do something to help when I feel unable to do anything.

My niece/goddaughter, Andrea was hit by a car in Philadelphia last night. She is in the hospital, still unconscious. She was bleeding in her brain and doctors gave her something to sleep with the hope her brain swelling will subside and she will wake up on her own.

Andrea is still in her twenties and has too much life left to live!
I don't like feeling powerless. I am stuck in  Los Angeles so all I can do is pray and hold good thoughts that she has a full and speedy recovery. 

I believe in the power of thought and miracles. I am sending this "message in a bottle" asking that anyone out there who reads this post say a prayer if you pray or simply send a healing vibe or hold a good thought for my niece's recovery.


Thanks in advance.