Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keeping This Momentum Going

There is nothing like another double audition day to keep me on my toes!

Yes, sir! Things are looking up!

 Tomorrow I have an audition for a cool indie film in Hollywood followed by a sitcom audition in Culver City.

Learning from last week's "double day" , I know I have to be even more on my game because you never know for certain what the casting folks are looking for. I know they want us to succeed because it will make their job easier. So, no need to waste a thought on nervousness or fear. My thoughts are focused on booking another acting job and building upon the confidence I feel within me.  No time to waste. It's decided.  I am skipping my Tuesday acting group gathering to work my butt off and give my ALL in each audition tomorrow.

It is very encouraging to see that my career is experiencing a bit of momentum. I want to make it count. This is not the time to get complacent. With any luck, I will turn another audition into a booking very soon.

I am becoming a firm believer that you attract into your life that which you focus your thoughts upon. That said, I welcome the "next creative station stop" my life is moving toward, wherever it will be.

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