Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Got a Feeling...

Maybe I am delirious from drinking instant coffee with a hint of Irish Bristol cream at 2:30 in the morning :)

I feel so good I want to dance around my living room and celebrate. I have no idea what I am celebrating but I have a feeling that good things are happening! No particular reason. Maybe it is wishful thinking. Maybe it is intuition. Whatever it is I am riding the wave of this feeling as long as it lasts!

I am feeling a need for a musical interlude to try to capture the feeling I am having and share it with anyone willing to join me in a spontaneous dance of joy just for the sake of DANCING FOR JOY!!



  1. What a wonderful feeling, Kevin...being so ridiculously happy that you want to dance at 2:30 in the morning! Those are the moments I love most in life.

  2. I agree! I am looking forward to many more moments like that!:) Have a great day, Helena!