Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Staying Focused, Making The Most of Opportunities

I have to say, as I have gotten more focused, more opportunities are presenting themselves. Starting this blog has been very helpful in keeping me thinking about what is most important.

I am happy to say I have another double audition day tomorrow. Both are relatively close to each other so, cross city travel is not an issue. The challenge for tomorrow is putting in the work tonight on both roles and being disciplined enough tomorrow to not allow one role to bleed into the other. The funny thing is the roles are polar opposites in almost every way. One a cop and husband in a dramatic film and the other a bitchy dog pageant "papa" not above blackmail in a television comedy.  I am blessed and grateful.

It is all an exciting adventure. Opportunities are opening up now that remind me you bring into your life that which you focus your thoughts on. I look forward to getting myself back on another set very, very soon. I trust things are falling into place to take my dreams and my career further down the road of happiness.

Time to get back to my rehearsing.:)   


  1. nice post and i must comfess you are doing great and your blog is one of the best with original content keep it up

  2. Thanks, Julius, that means a lot! All the best!:)