Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall...

Yes, I kept my word. After slapping on a second coat of "Morning Marigold", I took Rusty for his morning walk, then made my way through the unending LA heat wave to the wonderfully air conditioned IKEA in Burbank. That place is a world of its own. Maybe it was an escape from the heat but the store was bustling with shoppers. There is so much to choose from you really need to go in with a plan or you will just "buy! buy! buy!"

I always wanted a circular mirror, not as ornate as in the picture, but you know what I mean.. There is just something cool about the look. Maybe I was just sick of the large square mirror that came with my apartment. All I know is, I saw that big circle of glass and I was in love. No matter how you slice it, my bathroom has transformed from it's former aging eggshell white to a ray of sunshine brightening a small part of my abode. The room truly glows like the sun gave it a kiss and is quite beautidul when the light cascades through my tiny window. I also found a styling towel rack that is an upgrade as well from the standard issue it is replacing. IKEA always delivers.

Feeling happy with my domestic discoveries, I found myself stopping by Big 5 Sporting Goods to invest in my continuing workout regime. I purchased the Iron Gym Total Upper Body workout bar. My chest definitely needs some serious attention. I have wanted a rocking chest all my life. I never quite made it happen. If not now when? I'm making it a priority. I also picked up for the low low price of $9.99, a complete10 set of dvds called "Yom Holland's Supreme 90 Day System". I have never heard of it, although it says as seen on TV. It mentions it features "muscle confusion" and includes a bonus dvd called Supreme Rock Hard ABS as well as nutrition plan.  Translation... it is a cheaper version of the P90X workout. Hey for $9.99, it is worth giving it a go. It doesn't hurt to have options.

I rounded off my day with an enjoyable chat with my mum in Philadelphia.

It seems almost fitting after today's Mirror adventure that I should wrap up the evening with the "Once Upon A Time" Marathon.

All in all a full day.

I will leave you with a little tribute to the power of a good mirror. If my mirror starts to talk to me I will be sure to let you all know:) 

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