Saturday, September 8, 2012

Making an Apartment a Home: One Color at a Time!

I have lived in my apartment for a long, long time. The egg shell white walls have been showing signs of age. It reminded me of my chat with a close friend last night, about the need to not get so wrapped up in  pursuing one's career goals that you forget to actually enjoy the rest of your life.

When I woke up this morning, I took a good look at my living space. I quickly realized it reflected my years of living like a "starving artist". If I am really going to make my transition to a mindset/worldview of  a "professional actor", my apartment needs to look less like a "hostel" and more like a "home".

After walking Rusty, I washed my car and decided I would start the "home" transformation with my bathroom. It is a small space and will inspire rather than overwhelm me at these early days of change.

I headed to my local Lowe's to look at paint colors. Surprisingly, I ran into a dressed down and radiantly pregnant Heather Tom, who also seemed to be perusing the painting aisle. I did not approach her as a fan. I feel if you are a celebrity living your daily life, you deserve your privacy and sense of normalcy just like everyone else. I saw running into a successful professional actress in the paint section, nevertheless, as a sign I was on track with my mindset transition.:) I, however, am so clueless about the whole home decor thing, I asked Ms. Tom for advice. She said it is all a matter of personal taste. I told her all of my apartment walls are white and she said I definitely need some color. She thought the color options I was considering looked great. I thanked her for her help and moved on my merry way. I know it may seem silly but it feels nice to move forward with life choices and sense the "Universe" guiding your way with fun and laughter.

I left Lowe's to consider what color "spoke" to me. I eventually found my way to the "Do It Center" in Burbank where I picked up my first paint brush supply kit. As for color, I settled on the Valspar brand paint called "Morning Marigold". As I returned home, the real work began.

I cleaned the walls and counter tops then marveled at how my small little bathroom suddenly had a bit of character by simply adding a little color! I removed the towel rack and bathroom mirror, inspired to give the room a completely new look.

Tomorrow, I will hit my local IKEA. I have a feeling I may find something interesting to give the space the "homey" feel I desire.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my day long adventure in "home transformation". Can't wait for what tomorrow will bring.

Life is not only great... it's getting more colorful!



  1. Kevin
    You should, consider, making these postings of your journalistic venture into your life a book. Just a thought.
    Love ya Cookie

  2. Thanks for the encouraging thought:) For now I'm enjoying the journey!