Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Deja Vu: Back To Fox Studios for Another Audition!

It's like deja vu! I just got back about an hour ago from another audition at Fox Studios for the same sitcom but a new episode and character. It's great because it is a good indication that I made a positive impression on the casting folks. Hey, they brought me back for a larger role one week later! That has to say something good:)

(Please Note: I intentionally won't mention the shows I am auditioning for by name until I book the job; not to be coy- just superstitious.) 

I am happy to say I nailed it! It is always nice to put the work in and leave an audition feeling you did all that you could without regrets.

I have learned that the audition process is a completely different animal from actually doing the performance of a role. With an audition, you often get less than 24 hours to memorize your lines, figure out your creative choices you feel will stand you out from the crowd, and work on it long enough so that feeling like you "owned the piece" and that the possibility you could "nail it" is even possible.

When I get news I have an audition, it is like a grade school fire drill. Your normal day stops, and you enter "work" mode as the countdown clock has begun.

I did everything I could and feel great.

Now I just wait.

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