Sunday, September 23, 2012

The EMMYS are Here! Time To Relax and Dream of Future Possibilities!!

Once again, the award season has begun. It's Emmy's Night! I have plans to do nothing of any importance whatsoever. Other than dream of the day when I might be lucky enough to improve my skills as an actor to deliver a performance worthy of awards consideration.

Don't get me wrong, my life will continue happily along if I never receive a Golden Globe, an Emmy, Oscar or Screen Actors Guild Award. However, any actor who says they don't believe in actors competing  or winning awards like these are lying to themselves or others. Well... maybe not lying but... come on!

In a business where you are facing rejection of some sort on a continuous basis, why wouldn't you allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of appreciation for your work that these award ceremonies bring? It is a powerful motivational tool to keep going, to keep improving your craft so if only in your own mind you can measure your growth against the best in your field! Win or lose aspiring for greatness is always good in my book.

Hell, you bloody well can't take any of these things with you when you die so why not enjoy all the station stops on this life's express train!

Wow, I am rambling:) Nevertheless, I am bound and determined to enjoy every opportunity to enjoy myself. haha. May sound strange but it beats lamenting one's life away.

So, today, having marinated some chicken for the first time in my life, Rusty and I have been invited back over to April and Jim's to watch the Emmy telecast, BBQ and relax. Without shame I will watch the red carpet pre-show, and the Emmy's itself, munch on some good grub, and lay the mental foundations in my brain for how much fun I will have when I am strolling the red carpet on the way to my assigned seat, hopefully not in the nosebleed section, awaiting my name to be called!

If you are gonna dream go BIG! Dreams are not meant to be modest and small. What's the point of settling for small in your own imagination?!

Yes. this day, I am giving myself a break from all my schedules, plans, obligations and self-improvement goals as an actor. Today, I am reveling in the wonderful power of dreams!

 Today I am all about enjoying all the opportunities to remember that Life is GREAT and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, if you BELIEVE!      

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