Friday, September 7, 2012

Watching "V For Vendetta" On DVD Again!

Over the last two weeks, I watched a bit of both the Republicans' and Democrats' political conventions in the race for the American Presidency. I must admit I am more than a little concerned about the choices we Americans will be making as to the direction our future will take. I am not fond of politics by any means but as a good citizen, I feel it is my duty to always vote and stay informed so I make the best vote possible based on my beliefs.

We are living in interesting times. Do we stay the course or turn back? I generally respect everyone's right to their own opinion, whether I agree with it or not. I think we should stay the course. Personally, I like President Obama, what he stands for, and the direction he is moving us toward; even if it feels like the journey is taking the long road to reach sunnier days.

The optimist in me remains hopeful. 

All this political "speech-a-fying" over the last few weeks, along with writing my prior post has me yearning for another look at one of my all time favorite films. "V for Vendetta" - a MUST SEE!  It is in my humble opinion, a cinematic masterpiece. It may make you feel uncomfortable but it also makes you think. Take a look at the trailer below and you will see it is a visually captivating as well!

Check it out!! I know you are gonna LOVE IT!!


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