Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Relaxing Moonlit Picnic At Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Yes, it's official...Best Saturday in a long time! After an exhilarating morning, I wrapped things up with a relaxing moonlit picnic at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. "Dirty Dancing" was fun to watch with a crowd of a few thousand other people nostalgic for a little Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey magic. The crowd was a hoot and a half with folks getting up and dancing, cheering, jeering, or laughing along with those moments that made us all miss Patrick a little more than we already did.

 It was nice to chill  on a Saturday night with close friends on a blanket, sharing a bottle of wine, cupcakes from Sprinkles and good times.

On a separate note, ever notice how when you want to avoid something, it somehow is more difficult to do? I cannot lie. As much as I planned to ignore them, my eyes kept wandering toward the gravestones and massive mausoleums that bordered the pathway to lawn where the screening area was situated. The sheer grandeur of the surroundings demanded my attention. It was both creepy and beautiful at the same time. If you did not know that this was the final resting place of "Classic Hollywood" royalty, you knew whomever lay here had serious money and they took a good chunk of it with them.  I am , however, confident I did not look long enough to bring any stray spirits back home with me. In my rush to get to tonight's event I forgot, this was one of those experiences where a good lawn chair would have come in handy. My arms are both a little numb from leaning from one arm to the next on the soft, moist grass for two hours. Next time I will be prepared. 
I definitely plan on going back to Hollywood Forever, perhaps for Dia De Los Muertos. They have a celebration there on Saturday October 27, 2012 from 12:00 p.m to 12:00 a.m. I am sure it will be worth the trip.     

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