Monday, September 10, 2012

Bye, Bye "Bessie": Donating My Old BMW Convertible To KCET

Despite my feeling of exhaustion today, I was able to muster enough strength for one act of productivity. I made the call to donate my old car "Bessie B" to KCET, an independent local public television station.
They have provided me with years of great programming so this donation is the least I could do.:)

Making this move, however, does not come without a moment's pause. "Bessie B" is my 1991 BMW Convertable who has taken me around LA with pride since 2005. Back then, the car I was driving at the time suddenly died. I was planning to figure out how to get around sans car when a close friend of mine GAVE me the old BMW he had sitting in his driveway, covered up. It was not in great shape, the interior was falling apart, the glove compartment was sealed shut (no idea why), and it needed the skills of a good mechanic. But did I mention it was a FREE  BMW CONVERTIBLE??!! That was truly one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

So, I named her "Bessie B". Shortly after ownership, I was driving her when every single belt that comes in a car engine broke all at the same time. Driven by sheer determination, I was able to drive "Bessie B" to my new neighborhood mechanic. Several thousand dollars later, he nursed her back to health. He said the engine is great, but she is very old. As long as I accepted I would be replacing parts periodically over time, she would keep running. He was right. She hung in for me a good 7 years. However, the cost of keeping her in a state she deserved to be kept in was more than it was worth.

This July, I retired "Bessie B". Another friend's sudden decision to move to Spain provided me with a surprise opportunity to purchase a much more reliable and "air conditioned" car at a low price.  I wanted to keep "Bessie B" so I could one day restore the interior and all that ailed her but that was just not realistic.

The only option is making the donation to KCET. I just cleared out her trunk for the last time...(deep sigh)  She will be taken from me within the next 5 days when they come to tow her into her new future. At least she will provide a public service and get the restoration she deserves from her new owner.

Thanks "Bessie B":) You will be missed but remain forever in my heart.

I wish you well wherever you go!  


  1. I believe gratefulness sometimes takes a little bit more than ‘thank you’. But my, Kevin, I don’t think I can do what you’ve done! It must’ve been hard for you even if it’s for a good cause. Anyway, since Bessie B is now a public vehicle, you still get to see her. I know that means a lot to you. :) -->Vannessa

  2. Haha. Yes it is funny, now that ole Bessie is gone I see her "twin" almost daily and I find myself scanning for any sign it might be her!