Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strolling up "Hollywood & Vine"

Another day to be grateful to be doing what I do. My double audition day was almost an "either/or" proposition as they were scheduled 20 minutes apart in two different parts of town. Luckily, my manager was able to move the indie audition up from 3:20pm  to 12:00 noon.

Around 11:30 this morning, I happily made my way up Hollywood & Vine to "read" for the casting director of the French Indie film directed by an avante garde French director named Quentin Dupieux. I believe he is best known for his film "Rubber"about a serial killing "tire"...YES, I said tire.

I read the script for his new project  last night and loved it! It was funny, surreal and very, very "French". As a major francophile, I love a good French film. "Amelie" is one of my favorites. On my dream list of film projects, is performing in a French film. Ideally, I wanted to perform it in French. however, my level of fluency is years and years away from that being remotely plausible. Booking this job would count nevertheless as performing in a French film. (I leave that to the Universe.)

I will say, the casting director for this film is one of the nicest and most enjoyable people to audition for hands down. She just puts you at ease without even trying, and makes it feel like you are getting together with your favorite "auntie" rather than basically applying for a job.:)

I left that audition needless to say, feeling like a million bucks! I strolled down Vine street, glancing down at the stars on the walk of fame, as I made my way to my car. I made my way to my car only to find myself seemingly pinned between two cars that were not present when I first parked. I ask you when folks park, why do they feel it is "smart" to park with only 3 or 4 inches separating your car from the one in front or behind you? I literally spent 10 minutes inching back and forth in order to slowly extricate myself from this mess. Thankfully, I made it work without touching either car at all. Deciding this situation was not worth getting upset about definitely helped. I wanted to get home eat and prepare for audition number 2. I am noticing these days I am getting better at stopping myself from wasting energy getting angry over the small stuff of life. usually, it was the little things that set my temper off like a rocket. These days, I can't afford to waste the time. Now that is an unexpectedly pleasant development.

As 2:30 approached, I jumped back on my "metal horse" and drove to Culver City for my sitcom audition. This was my first time meeting this casting director so it was a nice treat and a funny little scene. I "nailed it"!  As I left, I noticed I was across the street from The Culver Studios. I wish I had my camera to take a pic. it is always good to meet a new casting director as I increase the pool of potential auditions I can get called in for as I build these professional relationships and leave them with a positive impression of my work.

All in all, a successful and fulfilling day.

Bloody hell! My head is getting a bit "wonky."  I am feeling the "crash" as my mind and body settle down after the day long adrenaline rush:) I need a nap.

As always...Life is great! 


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