Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's up with The LA River?

Okay, I needed a quick break from this barking trio and went for a five minute walk along the tree-lined Glendale neighborhood my friends call home. I took a right turn and discovered the LA River that runs just off the backyard of the house I am spending the next few days.

Now, I understand the Los Angeles River is nothing like it use to be in its heyday but damn! I stood looking down from an overpass and what I saw was so miniscule I was nothing short of shocked. I've seen more water flowing from a water hose!

(I found this pic on the web. It has much more flowing water than what I just saw. Also, there's no art work or people wandering about.)

You would think that if only for sake of city pride, we would want to see the historic LA River restored to something at least vaguely resembling a river if not a stream or brook. It is just sad. I am sure it MUST look for majestic somewhere else in LA. I know it flows a bit more in Studio City near where I live but even there it is a pathetic example of LA's natural environment.

I suppose this is the price of city expansion. Millions contiue to come to Southern Californa for any number of reasons. I did the same thing so I am not complaining about that issue. I get it. City resources are beyond strained as anyone with a car dodging the countless potholes would attest. Yet, there must be someone in charge of caring for the LA River. Right? 

I want to investigate the history of the river and see if there are indeed any restoration effort underway. There must be something.   I am no activist but man, the literal "life" of a city is one of the things that make a city a great place to live. It should be valued more by all of us who live here. Just my thoughts.