Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Eye of The Tiger", Man...

I have a feeling I am going to be listening to this song every single day. Whatever it takes. Okay. Facing facts... The roadblock "du jour" is powering through my cigarette addiction. Yes... I once again fell off the "nicotine free" wagon. I didn't talk about it or blog about it because, frankly, it is hugely embarrassing that this crutch has had such a hold on me! However, acknowledging it has been the tool to keep my emotions stuffed down gives me the mental window to address it. I am thinking, instead of focusing on "I need to quit smoking", I am going to focus on "I need to keep running". Cigarettes are just a "roadblock" to my marathon training. When the "dam" it has been supporting breaks, hopefully I will "RUN" through whatever crap floods to the surface.

Listening to this song gives me a boost so whatever works, baby. I've got about 6 hours until my scheduled 3 mile run/walk for the day. From now until then, I may just have this song ingrained in my brain. That's the beauty of music and film. It's not just the song but the inspiration to fight that I got from my love of "Rocky" that may just keep me going through these rough patches!.

I have always believed you are the sum total of your thoughts. It is about time I take charge of the thoughts I allow to take hold of my mind. Clearly my mental tape is in need of a script revision!     

Life is good! Even during the rough times.

"Eye of the Tiger", man!!

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