Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Staying Defiantly Positive in The Wake of Boston Marathon Tragedy!

It has been difficult to feel much joy as the tragic story of the Boston Marathon bombing unfolds. My heart still breaks as I learn more of the death of eight year old Martin Richard and the injuries suffered by his mom and sister. While any loss of life is tragic, such a young life cut short as senselessly as those lost in the Newtown massacre simply gives one pause.

Whomever this terrorist is, he/she intended to spread fear and pain .

For whatever reason, this recent bombing has filled me with this overwhelming urge to sign up for the LA Marathon. It may seem completely stupid but, I don't like this feeling of helplessness, fear and sadness that seems to grow like a weed in one's soul. I don't want to let fear dictate what choices I make.

So, I plan to get training early, save money for the registration, and run next year through the fabulous streets of Los Angeles WITHOUT fear.

Life is short and MUST be ENJOYED! If not what are we doing? Surviving? Existing? Surrendering to FEAR? It sure isn't living.

I've run the marathon in the past but my training, frankly lacked much enthusiasm. Perhaps this time around, I may appreciate the journey and ENJOY each day just a little bit more. Who knows what tomorrow may bring so why not LIVE as FULLY as you can?!

I will keep you posted on my training adventure as it unfolds. I am definitely starting from scratch!

With a little luck I may even finally get into the "competitive" shape, personally and professionally, that I have yet to achieve as a result.

At times like this remember, LIFE is GOOD, if we let it!

My love to all. Whomever you are!

Rest in peace little Martin. 

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