Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Coo Coo" for Coconut Milk!

 I have had some interesting food cravings since I started running and "detoxing". I have ALWAYS loved coconut, but right now it tastes so delicious I cannot get enough if it. I am not talking about the prepackaged Silk Coconut milk which is tasty. I mean the homemade blended in my Ninja from scratch version with the creamy foam mingling with the finely grated coconut meat and water all in one cold glass.

Cracking open a whole nut is a bit of a pain. However, I luckily can drive to my favorite spot in Los Feliz called India Sweets & Spices. I can pick up a bag or two of coconut meat pieces and store in freezer and quickly use on those days I just don't want to wait to make my blended liquid delight.

To be honest, I am not sure if my body is craving something in the coconut or I am simply awakening childhood memories of my family's tropical roots and my mum's cooking. Maybe there is some nutritional effect it is having on my sore muscles, or... it's all in my head.

Either way, it has made a resurgence into my diet and I am going to ride with it and research the nutritional benefits further.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE coconut!!.

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