Thursday, April 4, 2013

3 Dogs and a Rabbit in Glendale

What a week I am having!

I'm here in sunny Glendale housesitting/dog sitting for my friends Jim and April as they take a mini family vacation. I'm doing my thing as I take care of  Rusty (my boy), Daisy, Harmony (a rather energetic puppy), and a huge rabbit whose name escapes me. Thank the Lord the rabbit is in a cage.

Of course, as I tried to prepare for this event, I have been surprised to get a stream of coaching gigs filling each day since Monday. When I finally packed and drove over to Glendale, two minutes into relaxing in the backyard, enjoying the evening breeze, I got a text that I had an audition. Needless to say, I failed to bring either my headshot/resume or attire appropriate for auditioning.:) So back I went to my place in NoHo (North Hollywood).

I was delirious with exhaustion when I eventually got back to Glendale. Word of advice, never get so wrapped up in your day that you forget to eat. You will pay for it later:)

I was craving sleep last night. I quickly put Harmony in her kennel for the night and dove into bed. Rusty decided he just had to sleep pressed up against the back of my calves. Daisy lounged on a nearby couch but for some reason decided at 3am and later at 5am that it would be fun to walk up to my face, give me a kiss and a paw smack in case I was enjoying my sleep a little too much. I eventually had to tell her I was not interested in her sleeping with her butt literally in my face so she scooted over and I drifted back to "lala' land.

This morning I was greeted by Daisy who curled up near me. Daisy is a little diva who likes to be held and left alone by her loud and rough housing niece Harmony. Harmony enjoyed herself barking at a workman next door as he attempted to get rid of a wasp nest. Rusty meanwhile was making kissy face with Mr. Rabbit as if they are new bestfriends. What a way to start the  day!

I just returned from my audition at the Hollywood Center Studios  an hour or so ago and I look forward to what adventures this pack of animals have in store for me tonight.:)

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