Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MARATHON TRAINING DAY 1: Let The Adventure Begin!

Que Bueno!!! The adventure begins! I just finished my initial 3 mile run/walk training session. I thought it would be a painful start. I was pleasantly surprised that I not only survived but sort of enjoyed myself. ...Sort of.

I decided this journey would be more physically challenging and more intelligently planned. To start, I spent part of the afternoon creating a weekly plan that stretches from today until March 9, 2014. So far I have constructed the structure, mapping out all 47 weeks from now until race day. I have left space open under each day to eventually schedule in the miles I will run each day.  I am learning as I go. For now, I have the plan of sticking with a 3 mile run/walk routine everyday but Friday until I can comfortably run the 3 miles either completely or considerably more than I walk. Eventually I will adjust the schedule to include cross-training, short runs, speed runs and longs runs. However, for now I am taking things very slow and steady.

My goal is to run the LA Marathon within 4 to 4hrs.30min.   The last time I ran the LA Marathon I did it in 6hrs.30min. It was not fun and I felt delirious. In retrospect, my training plan was random and lacking much commitment. This time around, let's see what planning and hard work will allow me to accomplish!

Tonight, was a bit of a hot mess but I had enough distractions in play to keep my mind off feeling tired or wondering if I could complete the 3 mile challenge. I filled my ipod with a list of motivational songs , followed by a few beginner's lessons of Spanish. To add more brain confusion I took Rusty with me. At first we had a little trouble coordinating. When I started slowing to a walk to catch my breath, Rusty wanted to keep going then when I got my second wind, Rusty saw a lamppost, tree or telephone pole he had to suddenly stop at to sniff. After a while, we caught our stride and we started enjoying the evening breeze.

I think I will bring Rusty less and less as I move forward. Sadly, Rusty appears to be in better condition than I am. I want to reverse that scenario. If he ever gets loose or runs off his leash, I have no desire to run after a dog that I've trained to run for miles. Call me crazy but he is already fast. I don't need him getting faster.

I have much to learn but I am feeling good about the direction I am taking. Keeping things simple and working my plan looks like it might just work!


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