Friday, April 26, 2013

Making "Blog Catalog" Work For Me

When I first set up my blog, I went through a period where after writing a number of posts, I got a little obsessed with the idea of driving traffic to my site. For the most part my blog is more of a personal journal of my life and journey as an actor. However, every blogger is human and inevitably you fall into that "traffic" nightmare until you snap out of it and get back on track.

I signed up for a variety of blog registries. Some are useful, others are so complicated that they sacrifice flashiness for ease of use.In the end, I find myself only really invested in one. Blog Catalog. It could be just my personality but I get bored with jumping from one registry to the next trying to raise my visibility. I don't have the time for that nonsense. Eventually, I noticed that I usually visited Blog Catalog not to drive traffic to my site but to check out other blog sites that interest me and to join in thought-provoking and enjoyable discussions with other bloggers around the world. The fact is my Blog Value rank on the site is 12. I have absolutely no idea how that value is determined or how to raise it and frankly, I don't care all that much.

As I slowly engage in discussions, I am intrigued by the comments of other bloggers and that in turn entices me to check out some of their posts. That process works well for me. I have read more blogs as a result and the access to viewing other blogs is easy to understand and navigate so my tech-resistant brain does not  put up a fight.

I know I sound like a shameless promoter of this registry but, when something works for me, I like to share it. As you can see from my prior post, I mentioned wanting to work on making a paradigm shift in my thinking. My first step was to re-vamp an idea I had a while ago of making a mission statement for my life and career. The plan is to use this mission statement as a tool similar to what Bob Proctor mentioned in the posted YouTub
e clip, I figured if I create a personal mission statement and drive it into my subconscious mind over an extended period of time, the results would be a tangible benchmark of the effectiveness of this  method.

As I thought more about this, my mind recalled a post by Darin L. Hammond, a Blog Catalog blogger. He wrote about creating mission statements and provided resource links that I plan on using to help me with my new endeavor.

In case there may be any doubt, I do not work for Blog Catalog in any form but I will probably be referring to it often in future blogs because when I find any inspiration I am not going to pretend I came up with the ideas  myself. I prefer to give credit to any blogger who helped me along the way or who simply wrote something so engaging I want to share.
With that in mind, I have provided a link to Darin's post in case anyone reading is interested in creating a mission statement of their own  . Check it out.


  1. I love BC, too. It really is wonderful community. So glad to have you aboard. The folks in the forums are fun, entertaining, and smart. So glad you're one of them!

  2. Thanks! I really get a lot out of BC. Best decision I made was checking out the discussions:)

  3. I love this post because you have uttered my sentiments about Blog Catalog as well. I was on BC back in 2007-2009 with another blog now defunct. It was my most positive and productive blog registries I tried. When I started my new food blog last month, one of the first things I did was get back on BC.

    You're right, even on the days I'm not personally blogging, I find myself going to the discussion forum. I love some of the topics. Most of all, I've NEVER experienced any rudeness, harrassment or hate. This is a very divers group from across the globe with varying political views and religious beliefs. It is so refreshing that all of us seem to respect each other and get along. And, you are also right, there are many interesting people and blogs on here, you can't help diving into some!

  4. Yeah, BC is great! I am pleasantly surprised at how diverse and respectful folks are in the discussions. Very refreshing!

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