Thursday, April 18, 2013

1 Step Forward 2 Steps To The Nearest "Little Caesars"

What just happened? 

Before I could press "publish" on my last post, I got up, grabbed my keys and drove down the road to the nearest "Little Caesar's" Pizza place. It was almost surreal. The parking lot was full so I had to park two blocks away. I was literally racing against time to get a large pepperoni before the 10 pm closing time.   For some bizarre reason, I parked in the red zone and raced 2 blocks to get that damn pizza. I ran faster for that pizza than I did during the entire 3 mile trek. Now that says something.  What exactly, I do not know just yet.   

The good news is, I at no time considered running to the nearest 7Eleven for a pack of smokes. At the moment, I look at this pizza indulgence as an acceptable temporary alternative. Hey... I can't change every bad habit at once. 

I will say, there is little chance I will mindlessly devour the whole pizza as I made the mistake of tuning into the new NBC series "Hannibal". There is no quicker appetite suppressant than an engrossing hour long story about a cannibalistic serial killer. The actor, , playing Hannibal is fantastic.

Wow, that was a weird moment in time.  I must be insane...I raced like a madman for a slice of pizza and now I am more interested in "Hannibal" than in eating anything.

I'm predicting a night of very strange dreams.

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