Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Accepting Inspiration When It Comes

I think I am still on a runner's high because it is 11pm and I feel really good! Rusty, however, is out for the count! Usually I am a bit stressed out and sluggish. I hope this is a sustainable benefit of  getting off my butt and exercising. :)

Before I go to bed, I have to send out a thank you to a Blog Catalog blogger friend, Michelle, for an inspiring post of her first big marathon experience in my hometown of Philadelphia!

We both were moved by the recent events in Boston. Shortly after my decision to commit to running the LA Marathon next year, I stumbled upon her blog post. It resonated to me as a confirmation from the "Universe" that I was somehow on the right track.

Reading her recounting of her adventure at the Rock n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon, I felt motivated to take action on my plan. The article got me thinking of "Eye of The Tiger" which I have adopted as my Marathon Mantra! Hey, I am a first generation born and bred Philadelphian..."Rocky" is almost a part of my DNA so even though the song may be old, it boosts my spirit in some primal way! haha! Who knows but it is a keeper for this new adventure of mine! Thanks, Michelle!

It also got me to consider checking out the Rock n' Roll Los Angeles Halloween Half Marathon on October 27th. I haven't committed yet but it feels like a nice training benchmark to help build my confidence for my trek to the big one in March 2014!

I love discovering what I see as confirmations from the Universe. Yes... it may be more of a sign of impending insanity but whatever gets me out running for MILES with a smile on my face is by definition INSPIRATIONAL!

If you get a chance, check out Michelle's blog if you want a little inspiration of your own. The post is "The Finish Line" dated April 16

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