Monday, April 22, 2013

The Enigma I call "My Mind"

In my recent apartment cleaning binge, I once again stumbled across an old book of poems I wrote many moons ago.

Inspired by a fellow Blog Catalogue blogger named "nothingprofound" who has a blog of daily aphorisms, I thought I would post a few of my own youthful attempts at self-expression.

Not sure what to call them, poems, random thoughts or utter ramblings of a lonely bullied teen. Perhaps they will speak to someone else or simply provide me with further insights into the enigma that is my mind.

"Pain is but a mild measure of Man's Endurance."

"That which hurts most is a rose whose thorns are hidden."

"Sarcasm is a misdirected arrow aiming for acceptance."

"I am an ear with a mouth that no one hears."

"There is nothing so rare as the truth."

"Truth is right before us. We need only open our eyes to see it." 

"2 is a number that makes a single 1 happy."

"Faith is the parent of Courage."

"Follow your heart's path. 
The journey may be endless, 
but the world is yours."

"Chaos is around me
crushing through the plaster
mixing into cement
hardening my soul."

"A caterpillar...
Snuggles in its own cocoon
'Til its wings are formed."

"Find the road that leads to nowhere.
Find the house that stands alone.
See the garden filled with flowers.
Smell their fragrance and travel on."
"When Nature strikes her fists in anger,
whirling passions up in flight,
Man can only stand in wonder,
witnessing this awesome sight.
Through flashes of light 
And roars of thunder,
he contemplates the life he's dole.
For this is a time of revelation...
 Some call it the Dark Night of the Soul."

Well that's all for now. If you want to read some really interesting thought provoking works of poetry, check out nothingprofound's blog at


  1. Nice work, Kevin. I especially like the one about sarcasm being a misdirected arrow for acceptance. I'm not a huge fan of snark; it's such a cop out.

  2. These are wonderful, Kevin. "That which hurts most is a rose whose thorns are hidden" is absolutely brilliant. The sarcasm one also really hit home. Your final poem on Nature has such power, it reminded me of something that could've been written by William Blake. One senses immediately in these examples the intensity of your thought and feeling.

    1. Thanks! Considering how much your work has given me such moments of joyful contemplation, your comments mean a lot!

  3. Must say that I am a fan of Nothingprofound who inspires me and gets me thinking on a regular basis.

    I'm no expert on poetry, aphorisms or such like but I definitely know what I like and I loved you post today. 'Truth is right before us etc' meant a lot to me and 'I am an ear etc' was very thought provoking.

  4. Wonderful! My favorite aphorism is the one about sarcasm --which is funny, because I LOVE writing sarcasm. I wonder what that says about me? :) I also love your final poem on Nature striking. Great imagery!

  5. Thanks! I agree I love a bit of sarcasm myself.