Monday, April 22, 2013

Thoughts Make Reality

I've recently been jumping into some enjoyable discussions on the Blog Catalogue site, when I am reminded of what I consider an essential truth. We are all a product of our thoughts. It doesn't matter if you are talking about religion, politics, current events, or even fitness goals as I have in prior posts. If you step back, it is pretty clear your way of thinking is largely the defining factor in determining where you are on your life's journey.

I know I know this seems way too self-evident. Yet, how often do we stop to think about what exactly is behind what we often say to others and more importantly ourselves? What clues can we gather from our languaging of words to help us change our direction if that is really what we want to do?

When you are having a discussion with someone, especially when you have opposing views, your responses can tell you something. It made me think, what is the point of hollering and screaming at someone you disagree with? If my belief is real for me, I can be open to other views but in the end it is my own view that matters to me as it is what shapes my choices. A million people may think I am going to roast in hell for what they perceive as being sinful but who cares if I don't hold that belief system? A hundred people can cheer me on and say you can run that marathon, no problem, go for it! However, if I have doubts, my experience will be filled with self-imposed grief, stress and anxiety.

We are all Kings/Queens of the realm of our own mind. I suppose the key is to be aware of how your thinking is affecting you and changing that which holds you back from living your best life. If not, it seems to me you are dooming yourself to a life of misery.

Your thoughts make your reality; might as well make it a good one!  


  1. Can't contend with that! No one knows you better than yourself and in the end, nothing matters more than one's own 'belief system'. That said, if one is receptive to the streams of others, he'll surely glean nuggets of wisdom that would enrich own life.

  2. I definitely agree. There is nothing better than gleaning a nugget of wisdom from others. It's like a gift from the Universe. :)

  3. I completely agree with you. Our thoughts are our wisdom! We become what we think.

  4. You said it. Sometimes I do look at certain life moments and realize my thinking had a great deal to do with how I got here. Sometimes it is cool and sometimes it freaks me out a bit but it is worth the effort to take personal responsibility and move my thinking in the direction I want my life to go!