Friday, August 31, 2012

The Next Step: LA Fitness, P90X, or Something Completely Different?

Alright. I have entered the mindset that starting September 4th, I will have an exercise routine in place. I decided to pull the trigger after Labor Day weekend because, well it seems appropriate to give myself the holiday to enjoy without resenting my routine before it begins. Also I want to come up with something that I will truly get motivated by and benefit from.

I am not sure why, but I decided to investigate the P90X Workout option. It is admittedly compelling to watch their infomercial. The idea of getting a ripped body in 90 days in the comfort of my own home has me intrigued. I understand the concept of muscle confusion, Add that to a strong commitment to the diet and exercise routine and clearly results follow. They offer three different packages, depending upon how many accessories you want to get all at once. I have watched the infomercial so much I am surprised I have not gotten it already. I do have a friend who said she purchased it but never used it. Will I be the same way? Am I getting swept up in the hype or is this jumping into the deep end of the fitness waters when I should be entering in on the shallow side of the pool?  The question is, is this the best route for me?

  There is the LA Fitness option. Logically, I am already paying monthly dues so, why let the money go to waste? This would require mapping out a fitness routine to follow. I don't mean just getting motivated to walk through the gym doors trying not to feel embarrassed. I mean planning out what exercises I am doing what day and tracking the progress. If I don't do this, I will simply turn it into a "band aid" rather than a cure to my fitness issues.   I went in the past but I can acknowledge now that I never went with much gusto. It always felt like an obligation or an excuse to get out of the house and be amongst people. This mindset did not produce results. The LA Fitness option does require more planning on my part than simply ordering the P90X dvds and pressing the play button. If I am able to make this option work, it will have the potential of being extremely empowering. Hmm...The question still remains. Is this route the best route for me?

I am not going to figure this out today.  I will let these ideas marinate and see where my mind inspires me to go.



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