Friday, August 24, 2012

Rehearsal. Rehearsal. Rehearsal.

Just got back from Warner Brothers Studios for my first rehearsal and "run thru" for the studio execs.  

To say I had a great time would be an understatement. I arrived early for my 8am call so I could take it all in. We're in Stage 21 and you literally enter the world of 2 Broke Girls when you walk through the stage door. You completely forget you are on the grounds of a busy studio. The cast and crew are all so kind and relaxed. The vibe is amazingly positive and welcoming. This is clearly a hit show for CBS!

The episode I am in is called 2 Broke Girls "And The Hidden Stash" directed by none other than Fred Savage. This man really knows what he is doing! As an actor himself he has a very relaxed and natural way of communicating what he wants from his actors. My scene came later in the script so I grabbed a seat where the LIVE audience will be on Tuesday evening and I watched the cast work each scene from one set to the next. It was like a mini workshop on the process of acting for a situation comedy. This cast is very talented! I learned so much just observing.

It is funny. I think there is no such thing as coincidence. Yesterday, I spent some time joining in on the discussion boards of "Blog Catalogue". I got very intrigued and engaged in a thought provoking chat on the idea of living in the present moment and the notion of "embracing" the moment. In some strangely perfect way, it was the perfect preparation for my going into rehearsal today.

When it came time for the rehearsal of my scene, I quietly reminded myself that this was my opportunity to embrace the moment I am in and enjoy the experience. The rehearsal went very well. Later, we started a full "run thru" for the Studio executives. In stead of getting nervous or wrapped up in any kind of self-imposed pressure, I calmly reminded myself of how lucky I am to be literally living my dreams! When my scene approached again, I once more reminded myself this was "my time" and I walked out with confidence and "did my thing"!  It was so energizing to hear the execs burst into laughter and I exited with a pep in my step. 

I could not have asked for a better day of work than what I experienced. I still have a rehearsal on Monday before we have the final taped performance on Tuesday. I feel blessed and I welcome more joy to keep flowing as I continue my time on 2 Broke Girls!         


  1. I like how you excited at the end, but I think exited would have been better. Ha. I a so happy for you. I love watching television, so please make sure you let me know when you will be on (airing time) and I promise to watch.

  2. Thanks! (And I'll correct that little mistake you spotted:))