Monday, August 27, 2012

Couldn't Ask For A Better Day

This is a crazy business I have devoted my life to. This morning I woke up, walked Rusty then worked my way over to Fox Studios for a fun audition. Going on any studio lot for an audition is an adventure. First you go through tight security and sudden;y you have to find your way through the maze of streets mixed with sound stages and faux NY neighborhoods. It's a bit "trippy" I must say. It sparks the kid in you and makes any audition feel like a magical journey. The audition itself was great. I made my way to the casting office of the show I was up for and left feeling like I nailed it. The rest is up to the Universe.

With the midday sun making LA feel like one of the nine levels of Hell, I  made my way back to the San Fernando Valley for another quick walk for Rusty then off to Warner Brothers for our "rehearsal for camera". The funny thing is, I spent 4 hours in my dressing room just waiting. I drifted about chatting with cast and crew not on set, took photos- trying to figure out how my first digital camera that I just bought works, and back for more waiting. They were running a bit behind doing pre-shoots so I literally worked for a few minutes running my scene to establish blocking for the camera operators and it was a wrap for the night!

Now that is what I call a good day.

Tomorrow promises to be much longer. We will have another rehearsal, a speed thru, then we go live in front of a studio audience. I can't wait! I am continuing to enjoy every moment and staying "present" for every glotious experience.

Did I forget to say it?

Life is great!


  1. Sounds like you have an exciting life. I hope you get the part for the show that you auditioned for. Let us know if you got the part, it would be great to watch you on TV.

    1. Thanks. I definitely will. When I know when the "2 Broke Girls" episode airs I will mention it. Thanks so much for your kind words of support!:)