Saturday, August 25, 2012

Late Night Viewing of "Hannibal" on Netflix... Not Smart

Last night, I was in the mood to celebrate! I ran over to my favorite neighborhood pizza joint, Dino's, for a delicious pepperoni and jalapeno with an amazing Greek salad on the side. As usual the place was hopping! I grabbed my goods and headed to my best friends apartment to catch up on things and watch a movie. We settled on "Hannibal". 

Now, I am a huge Anthony Hopkins fan. I even loved "Silence of the Lambs" so much I bought the dvd. However, I avoided "Hannibal" because I love suspense and am not so big on horror. Call me crazy but what I love about a great suspense is the characters don't check their common sense at the door. When bad things happen it seems to be a genuine surprise to the character. In horror films I just do not understand how a character's sense of self-preservation doesn't kick in.

In "Hannibal" two things bugged me. Giancarlo Giannini, who I also love to watch, decides to collect the huge reward for helping some creepy guy capture Dr. Lecter. I understood him wanting money to take his young wife to the opera but jeez. The moment he was told the guy killed 14 people and the guy was unmistakably creepy to be around, why would you ever be in the room alone with him and turn your back so he could get the upper hand?  The second thing was Ray Liotta's character. He works for the Justice department and is involved in some way with the current hunt for Dr. Lecter. So, if you decide to go away to your house in the countryside and discover a sparkler burning brightly through the crack in the doors going into your dining room, why would you walk in and not pull out a gun or something? I mean really, a sparkler only lasts for a minute or two until it burns out. Should that not be reason enough to expect you are not alone in your empty house? Wouldn't tracking down a serial cannibal give you the "willies" enough to have your guard up for strange situations?

While I didn't hate the film because watching Anthony Hopkins work is always a treat, I just was amazed at how stupid folks were in the story. This only says to me their actions were too much of a plot device. And one last thing. the final moment. What kid would ever be so hungry as to take food from someone on a plane as unmistakably creepy as Dr. Lecter? Where was this kid's parents? haha!

Okay I am really venting about this movie because I spent the entire night in a nightmare of being stalked by Dr. Lecter. I literally woke myself up saying I want this to stop and found myself drifting back to sleep to have the nightmare resume!  The only escape was being shocked awake by noise in the apartment above me.

At 10 a.m., the carpet was being completely removed from the apartment directly above mine. It felt like an army was knocking sledge hammers through every wall (although it was just the ceiling). I bolted up to find my poor dog Rusty freaking out. I went into fire drill mode grabbing clothes and Rusty's leash to escape the onslaught from above. It was all more than a bit of a shock to the system. The manager's wife apologized for not giving me advanced warning. Once I fully woke up I was more happy to have escaped my dream version of Dr Lecter than I was about the pounding that is still going on as I type this post.

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