Friday, August 24, 2012

Opportunity Keeps Knocking!

This has been an interesting year. Auditions have been spread out with dry spells and periods when I wondered if my career was getting lost in the Mojave desert. Then literally right after I made a personal commitment to changing my thinking to a sense of knowing expectation, I have gotten one audition after another! I even had to turn down one really cool audition because I was booked for the rehearsal I had today.

And the Hand of Opportunity keeps knocking!  I just found out I have another very cool audition over at Fox Studios in Century City on Monday. It is a few hours before my scheduled call time on Monday, and I am going for it. The audition scene is FUNNY so I know the Universe is gonna meet me halfway and make this work!   It is so nice to have the challenge of rushing from an audition to a television rehearsal!! My desert days have ended.

I have wasted so much energy dragging myself around whining about my lack of career traction. It feels good to have some genuine reason to celebrate without it being this pollyana pep talk to keep myself hoping for the best.

I know I am on to something with this thinking with "knowing expectancy" and I am going to make this as permanent a change in my thinking patterns as I can muster. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Life is great!  

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