Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Morning "Recharge"

After seven or so hours of sleep, how is it possible to wake up feeling well.. exhausted? I think the truth is I have been running on an "adrenaline high" for almost an entire week. My body is screaming "Give it a rest already!"

The only thing that dragged me out of bed this morning was my desire to be a good "pet parent" and take Rusty for his morning walk.

I always say, considering Rusty is a rescue dog who lived on the street for who knows how long before I adopted him last December 4th, he has been amazingly kind enough to not poop or pee in our one bedroom abode. The least I could do is get off my ass enough times every day so he can "do his thing" outside on the grass without having to hold it in too long. I soooo lucked out with this guy!! We are a great fit and I will not rock the boat on the "poop" front.

It wasn't a tremendously pleasant walk as I still wanted to be curled up in bed but it  got the day rolling.

My only item of importance is going to Staples to get copies of my updated resume cut and printed. After that, I will have some laughs with my "mum" during our regular Sunday cross-country chat, then I am all about recharging the battery with a bit of television vegetation and some fresh avocadoes which I am for some reason craving at the moment. 

Happy Sunday!!!  .  

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