Thursday, August 30, 2012

Playing In The Rain

After so many days of ungodly heat, Rusty and I were pleasantly surprised by the sudden rain shower that greeted us on our 5 p.m. walk.  The children in my apartment complex were out splashing  in the courtyard laughing and screaming with delight. Rusty, however, was not amused. His general response to the sound of running water is to dash behind a couch and hope I will forget it is his bath time. Nevertheless, Rusty loves his walks so he tried to be a trooper, running out the door and splashing through puddles as we followed our regular route.

I felt like a kid myself, laughing and smiling at how good it felt to get wet and cool down from this latest scorcher. My mind drifted to my youth when we would all play in the fire hydrant on a hot and humid summer afternoon in Philadelphia as if we had just struck gold.

My wonderful trip down memory lane was soon interrupted by Rusty's annoyance with the increasing force of the rain. He tried  to seek shelter under the closest bush. I dragged him out and told him to get "pooping" and we'd both be back in the apartment in no time. Almost as if he understood, he did his thing, I picked it up, and we raced for home.

Some days it is nice to just play in the rain.:)  

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