Friday, June 27, 2014

Using Jason Silva for Creative Motivation!

It is funny how when you make a decision, the Universe starts sending you the tools to assist and inspire you.

As I reinvest in my life's vision, part of the joy is rediscovering that childlike wonder that allows me to release the shackles of conformity and jadedness to real meaningful creativity.

As an artist, as an actor, I want to be contributing to the uplift of consciousness whether it is through laughter or tears, I want to do work that matters.

Jason Silva is the man!  This modern day philosopher is definitely going to be a touchstone for creative inspiration. I will be delving into clips like a sumptuous meal for my mind!

I found these three clips that really speak to my current desires as an artist. Watch these three morsels of inspiration and ask yourself two questions....

Do I hear the music?

Am I ready to be one of the mad ones?

My answer is YES!!! What is yours?

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