Thursday, June 12, 2014

Creating the Vision of My Life and Acting On It...

Mary Manin Morrissey
Last night I wrapped up a 10 week workshop on prosperity led by Rev. James Mellon that met every Wednesday night at the Global Truth Center in the NoHo Arts District. The workshop was entitled Prosperity Plus. We met and watched a series of video classes led by Mary Manin Morrissey who guided us on a journey of understanding our relationship to money, prosperity from a spiritual standpoint, the power of tithing and much much more. We had assignments to do on our own then the 54 member class met with Rev James to discuss, put into practice, and experiment with the power of tithing; creating a "Vision Statement" and figuring out the actions you need to take to bring your vision of your life into reality; and allowing prosperity and abundance into our lives beyond just wanting more money.

It was a challenging and inspiring 10 week experiment that for many of us participating shifted things and stirred up issues regarding money and the roadblocks we put up in our lives, mentally to shut down the flow.

Rev. James Mellon
It was definitely an eye opening experience for me. I have created a vision plan focused on money, health, romance, career and home ownership. With the tools I have learned so far I will continue on my own to make the vision statement I created the reality of my life- however long it may take. The biggest take away I got from this workshop is that you can live your life day to day complaining about not having the things in your life that you want, or you can take the time to create a vision of what you want then take the steps to make it come true.  Hey if you're gonna be living anyway, you might as well create the life you want. Succeeding is almost the icing on the cake because I found the joy really is in the journey. I met some amazing people and I pushed myself out of my comfort zone so I could make the most out of this 10 week experience. It was worth it and I AM worth the effort to do whatever I can to live my best life!!

For the first time in a long time I feel jazzed to get up in the morning and proactively take some form of action to build the life I have by the design I have set for myself and not simply by default.

It has also inspired me to get my financial house in order and move myself out of the starving artist mode. I may start posting a few articles or videos I find on financial wellness, prosperity-what have you, in an effort to share with anyone who stumbles upon my pages here and might be on the same path.

If anyone gets a chance to check out a workshop by Mary Manin Morrissey, I would definitely recommend it. She has a presence and a definite skill at telling a story while she is educating you on how to take action to create your dreams. If you are in anyway interested in "Science of Mind" be sure to check out check out Rev. James Mellon. He is a powerfully passionate man who knows his stuff.

I am an actor, yet I don't know if I ever really took the time to come up with a vision and a plan for my life. They never covered that in my acting convervatory. If they did, I just did not get it. Having done so now, I feel not only empowered, I feel like I know this acting career of mine cannot do anything but be successful because I have moved to a deeper level of personal/spiritual commitment.

I cannot wait to see what unfolds from here on out! 

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