Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Social Media Education: YouTube

Yes, I admit today as I have on numerous occasions, I am virtually illiterate when it comes to social media. I have yet to grasp the need for twitter, tumbler, google+, facebook, vine and youtube. Must one be on all? Can't one or two suffice? Who the hell has the time to be on all this social media while still living an active life? I'm truthfully not knocking what I haven't tried. I just don't get it?

However, I want to grow and expand my horizons so instead of jumping right in to all these tools, I am gonna start exploring what I have so far. I've a Facebook, Google+ and Youtube account.

I think I will start with Youtube. I do not own a piece of video editing software so vlogging is not an option at the moment so I am exploring different sites to see what this vlogging thing is all about.

I have stumbled upon a cool young vlogger named Simon Harrison who I recently subscribed to and binge watched over the last few days. There is something about this guy and his journey that I resonate with on so many levels. The strange thing is with each video I watched of his life's journey, the more invested I have grown in wanting to see him grow, succeed and find his share of life's happiness. It is a little weird that I am rooting for this guy I have never met in person. Yes...he is an attractive, young gay man finding his way. I suppose that is enough for some people to subscribe to a channel but Simon has something special about him. He has a kindness and generosity about how he carries himself. He is fiercely honest with his audience about his life, his feelings and views even if they are still evolving in his life experience. He literally forces you to care about him, not in any manipulative kind of way but simply in his honest searching to find his way through life. 

Watching his videos had me reflecting on the issues of my life that have set me on my own life's journey. I applaud him for boldly facing his fears and I will continue to root for his success. I'm not big on being anyone's "fan" per say. I don't know, I find that just well weird...but as he is as they say "family" I definitely want to see him live his dreams and with the help of youtube I can watch him as he chronicles his life adventure! I have not gotten to the whole interactive aspect of youtube because I have never been fond of how nasty people are with one another on-line but if there was any random stranger I would contact to say hello to or show my support, I would have to say Simon would be the one. Maybe because I see aspects of myself in him or whatever. Yeah this whole interactivity is way too out of my comfort zone but who knows how I will evolve as I explore the social media world in the future.

I guess that is the power of Youtube. We are social beings so watching people video their lives can be a source of entertainment, enlightenment and inspiration depending on how willing people are to make themselves vulnerable with a sense of dignity and humor.

If you get a chance, check out Simon's youtube channel. I will attach/share his first youtube clip that got me hooked. If you have a soul in your body, you will be moved by Simon and compelled to watch more, rooting for him every step of the way as I am!!



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