Saturday, June 14, 2014

Journey Toward Financial Wellness for this Actor...Part 3

Here is Part 3 of the Journey Toward Financial Wellness for this Actor! Yes, this is not the most sexy or interesting material to be watching but, I am learning to appreciate being proactive in my financial education. Being an artist,  I need to make my money stretch and work for me effectively.

Knowledge is power.

For more information on the Actor's Fund go to:

Here is clip 3:

Financial Wellness Part 3: Credit Health
The Actors Fund Podcast Series are based on workshops that are presented regularly at The Actors Fund's New York and Los Angeles offices. Geared towards assisting entertainment and performing arts professionals, these videos are for you!
The seventh installment in The Actors Fund Podcast Series will help you to assess your credit health. This video shows you how to analyze your personal credit and debt profile, including how to understand your credit report and your credit score. We will also take you through The Actors Fund Credit Accounts Organizer, a self-assessment tool which will give you a simplified snapshot of your pertinent credit and debt information. Credit is important in today's world. Responsible use of credit gives you many valuable options that can improve your financial life. For many people in the entertainment industry, credit is the tool that you use to ensure lifestyle continuity. In other words, paying your bills and putting food on the table when you're in between jobs. When you use your available credit it becomes debt. Debt can limit your options and create undue financial pressure. This segment will not only help you to determine if you have a debt problem, but also to establish a stable method of managing your overall credit health.

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