Friday, June 27, 2014

Shifting To A Hero's Journey

Call me crazy but I love the idea of viewing my life in the words of Joseph Campbell, as A Hero's Journey.

This isn't about vanity by any means. It's about perspective. As I may have mentioned in a prior blog, I recently discovered the unconscious pattern I had of viewing my world from the lens of a victim. Now I didn't consciously choose this perspective. In many ways it was set as my "default" perspective of the world after years of bullying. Yeah, folks don't get truly the ramifications of bullying can have on a person's psyche.
The thing is when you are bullied, you rarely go through a process of addressing the bully, facing your aggressors and resolving the conflict. For the most part, you are in avoidance mode until it stops. Once it stops you are so grateful it is over you, you move on usually without ever talking about it to others and in so doing you internalize many of the learned responses you formed to mentally survive.

Many many moons after my experience and I can still  see the remnants of my "past pain" in my own current behavior and how it has shaped my confidence and sense of self. Luckily, I am of the belief that as long as you are breathing you have the opportunity to change, grow and live your best life!

I am therefore, consciously choosing to look at my life from this point forward as my own "Hero's Journey".

The idea is to mentally flush out any residual "victim" thinking I may have lodged in the wonderful unconscious mind. Besides as an actor, it is so much more fun to shape my life into this adventure so I don't let those bad auditions mess with my head for more than a minute:)

Once again, I draw upon the insightful Jason Silva for creative inspiration on this front.


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