Friday, June 13, 2014

Theme Song for The Month

Music continues to be a strong motivational force in my life.  I will be honest. The career of an actor is laced with so many ups and downs, you really have to be creative with using whatever means possible to keep yourself on track and your head focused on the success you want to achieve.

Since I have a "Soundtrack of My Life" that I love, I thought I would branch out and create a theme song of the month that either captures a feeling I'm experiencing or more importantly inspires me to reach for my dreams and not give up when circumstances are challenging your belief in yourself! I am gonna come up with some songs to turn to to lift me up. So much of the music I have been drawn to have been "oh the pain of this or that so I really need to change it up! I need a mental spiritual pick me up, dance around the room and remember why I am taking this crazy life path song! 

Right now I have some thoughts for June but not a firm choice yet:.







I may need to test things out and see how I feel.

I am totally open to suggestions. Hopefully I can find the song on Youtube. Even if I don't choose it for this month, I will always have another month just around the corner!!

Wish me luck!!!  :)


  1. I'm an animator I have to audition too sometimes. What do you think is worse? Being told you very nearly got the job and you were their second choice, or being treated like you don't exist?

    My theme song is the eye of the tiger, yes very cheesy I know. That and the Beatles don't let me down. Not monthly but stuff I whistle or sing along to very loudly depending on how bad/good things seem to be going.

    1. Thanks, DD! I love "Eye of The Tiger". I grew up in Philly so "Rocky" is one of my favorite inspirational movies! I'll definitely add to the list. I look forward to checking out your Beatles suggestion!

      To answer your question, I would rather be told I was second place so I can strive to improve that little bit more to become the number one choice down the road. Being treated like I don't exist, which I have experienced from some casting directors is something I block out as much as possible. So it doesn't mess with my head. Much success to you with your animation!!

  2. One of my favorite "dance-around-the -house" songs is "Edge Of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks. Especially this version:

    1. Thank you, sir! I like this song and heard it a million times without knowing the name of it. Definitely adding to my list!

  3. Your taste in music seems different from mine, but since you asked...this has been my favorite song for a while now. Enjoy. :)

  4. Omg I love them all but my favorites out of these is. Let it go, I'm so blessed and gravity. I will let you know if I have any more ideas for you. Love you.