Friday, June 13, 2014

Journey Toward Financial Wellness for this Actor...Part 2

Okay. As I was browsing I came across Part Two and Three of the Actor's Fund podcasts on financial wellness for an actor/performing artist.

For more information on the Actor's Fund go to:

Here is clip 2:

Finanical Wellness Part 2: Organizing Income
The sixth installment in The Actors Fund Podcast Series discusses how to organize your income as part of an overall cash flow plan. (If you have not already, please view Financial Wellness Part 1: Organizing Expenses prior to watching Part 2). This eight minute video covers some of the challenges to balancing  variable income and expenses for people who work in performing arts and entertainemnt, and also touches briefly on important tax issues. A performing artist's financial life is complex, so it's easy to get confused when trying to organize your money. This podcast will help you distinguish between regular and irregular income and determine what this means for building yourself a financial cushion, saving for periodic expenses and investing for your future. The overall goal of the Financial Wellness series? Establishing a stable method of managing your finances!

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