Thursday, June 12, 2014

Journey Toward Financial Wellness for this Actor...Part 1

As I was going through my email, I opened one of the many email blasts I get from my union The Actor's Fund has their own website geared to helping Actor's deal with much of the day to day business of surviving. They apparently started a podcast and a few have some clips regarding Financial Wellness so, I am gonna post those clips here as a reference guide .for myself and anyone else interested. 

For more information on the Actor's Fund go to:

Here's the first clip:

Finanical Wellness Part 1: Organizing Expenses
The fifth installment in The Actors Fund Podcast Series begins a conversation about financial wellness, specifically money management. This eleven-minute video will guide you through some steps you can take in organizing your expenses to better understand and manage your cash flow. We understand that traditional budgets are not always flexible enough for those in the entertainment and performing arts industry, so coming up with a good template for a basic month is a tremendously helpful tool to have in order to plan for a financial cushion, or contingency fund, for when dry spells occur. We provide you with a budget outflow worksheet you can download on our website here to get you on your way to developing a positive, healthy relationship with money. After all, taking care of your money is just a regular part of taking care of yourself.

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