Friday, October 5, 2012

Keeping Big Bird Safe...

Of all the things that resonated for me with all of the "substance" of the first Presidential Debate is the risk to de-funding PBS if Romney becomes President.

Yes, I know there are bigger issues at stake. However, I feel like there is something that has to be said for placing a value as a nation on the encouragement of education, culture, unbiased news coverage, Charlie Rose, Masterpiece Theater, Nova, Frontline, Sesame Street and unparalleled documentaries that will be lost to even one city in this country.

I think politics is important but have we really drifted so far apart as a people that we can't come together on some agreement of what is a "sacred cow" and should be supported? How are there banking institutions deemed too big to fail but "Sesame Street" that instills values and educational inspiration to our nation's children not worth keeping available to all?


  1. You guys do have a bit of a debt problem so maybe Big Bird could be downsized to Little Bird rather than be killed off...for the greater good of the nation,(tongue firmly planted in cheek). I agree with you.

  2. LOL. Luckily, PBS relies more heavily on support from the public thsn the government so worse case scenario, they will do longer pledge drives. I just donated my old car to our local station. Every little bit helps:)