Monday, May 6, 2013

The Mysteries Of Being A Pet Parent

It has been nearly a year and a half since I rescued Rusty from the Burbank Animal Shelter. Obviously, as he is my first dog ever, my foray into pet parenthood is an endless educational journey. I love Rusty but there are days when he is a complete pill and I must remember he is a dog and is not necessarily doing things with a motive or emotion as a human would. Still there are times when I wonder what exactly is this dog trying to tell me when he walks up to me and simply stares.

A few nights ago, I watched "Life of Pi". One of the thoughts that came up for me was that various religions can only teach you about God, but it is through the experience of life and particularly our experience of Nature, which is life at it's most intense,that puts you in direct experience with God.

The film also forced me to think differently about this creature that I am sharing my apartment and life with 24 hours a day. Again, I find myself wondering what is going on in his head. Like forging a relationship with "Richard Parker" in the film, I wonder how much Rusty knows that I love him and how much joy he is finding in his current situation. I know it is a step up from the shelter but does he even know hoe close he came to meeting his maker? Is his coming into my life coincidental or are there mysteries about myself or him that I am meant to learn from our time together? Rusty doesn't bark much at all which is a blessing. He sleeps a lot, yearns to run when we go out, and now enjoys burying himself under covers to sleep. He is an unfolding mystery that now seems so much more complex than I ever thought before watching that movie. As much as I am growing more attached, would he be like "Richard Parker", capable of moving on without a look back at me?

Plenty to think about. It will be an interesting journey figuring each other out as time goes by.


  1. Hey, even my dog's name is Rusty! We just picked him up as a puppy from the road. Sometimes I wonder if what we did was the right thing or not :( Is freedom better or living comfortably? I still haven't figured that one out yet :\

  2. Congratulations on finding your Rusty! It you want my "two cents" I think you did the right thing. After visiting the Animal shelter, you are giving him freedom AND helping him live comfortably. In a city, a dog living on the streets is struggling to survive. When I first got Rusty, he freaked out at the sight of another dog. Now he is visibly happy with the dog friends he has made and new ones he meets. He definitely has moments when he wants to run free and go where he wants, but seeing his demeanor relax from hyperactive and untrusting to calm and affectionate tells me he loves the security of a home.

    Have fun with your Rusty!

  3. Thanks, I'm actually feeling better! :) He was super anxious at first too...but now is reasonably peaceful. I'll try and post a picture too. My Rusty's light brown and has your Rusty's build :D

  4. That is funny! look forward to seeing the pic!