Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dreams: The Accessible Road Map to Creative Growth

After last night's breakthrough in my acting work, I came home, close to  midnight, primed with energy. Of course I could not sleep but decided to unwind with a late night viewing of my favorite French mystery series, Maigret. The episode was entitled "Maigret's Failure".

Being open to creative thoughts, I was mesmerized by the plot and the acting choices. The story reminded me of "Murder on the Orient Express'. Maigret was forced by his superiors to work with a bully from his childhood who was now a wealthy and powerful man. This man pushed Maigret's buttons and as it turned out was so hateful a person, when he was inevitably murdered there was not a single person who did not have a motive and sense of freedom from his death.

It was so well done, I was up until 2 a.m and had to remind myself to go to bed.

As is my custom, upon retiring, I threw on the radio only to discover the radioshow  "Coast2CoastAM with George Noory. His guest was Kelly Sullivan Walden and they were discussing her book "It's All in Your Dreams. In essence exploring the benefits of using your dreams as a means of connecting with your Creative Unconscious. Talk about serendipity! This was once more, proof of the value of staying open to the creativity of the universe!

I learned that scientists have proven, beyond the "woo woo",  that dreams have a practical value to our lives. Studies have shown that individuals who are simply aware of their dreams have an improved ability for creative problem-solving in their waking life.

The fact of the matter is, a third of our life is spent dreaming. Paying attention to this unexplored area of your life can only make you a more whole being. The opportunity to use my dreams as a means to not only access my creative core but to magnify my creative development into my waking life is like a direct invite from my Inner Self to come and play. Once again, the adventure of life keeps expanding. Ask and it is given. Seek and  Ye shall find. I would have to be an idiot not to hear the message the Universe is sending..

Getting my feet wet, I woke up this morning with the awareness that I had a dream. I was living through the Maigret episode in an English language version. Considering my own experience with childhood bullies, the dream provided an appealing sense of emotional investment and satisfaction. The beauty of dreams are they can feel so real there is literally little difference to the mind between it and a memory. Imagine the possibilities for developing a character for an actor who makes the effort!

Tonight, I am dusting off my night table and getting my dream diary ready for regular recording and analysis.  This is Step 1.

With further investigation, I will see how I can use my dreams to effectively stimulate my acting work.

Let's see where this road takes us!!        

(For anyone interested, I found this YouTube clip of Kelly Sullivan Walden promoting her book.)


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