Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dreams: Making My Way To The Border of Lucidity

Last night was a fascinating and quirky trip into my inner labyrinth .

Of what I remember, I was on the set of a movie. I was excited to be working with the famous producer/director Tony Scott. I recall being in an office doing accounting as though my role was of an accountant. Somehow I was going over the books and discovered a discrepancy. This led me to finding a briefcase full of $30,000 cash. I took the briefcase and walked out the door. When I opened it, Tony Scott was standing behind the camera with all the crew around. He thanked me for finding the cash and asked if I could rip up the accounting books so no one would know about the money. I said wait a minute.. aren't we shooting a movie? Is this for real?  Aren't you dead, Tony? 

Unfortunately, this did not wake me up to the start of a lucid dream. You'd think asking the guy who I know is dead if he is dead would get me questioning things. No such luck.

Instead I walked off the set toward my trailer. Angelina Jolie walked up to me as if we were the closest of friends.I told her about the money while I noticed we were being spied on by one of the contestants,  Garrett Gardner, from this season's "The Voice." It was strange but I ignored this and chatted on with Angelina. She told me she wanted me to meet her friend Tommy who she thought I would hit it off with. She said, his dog had run away a while back and just showed up on set. She called Tommy and he was on his way. She wanted me to watch the dog while she shot her scenes.

Of course I went over to her trailer to dog sit. When I sat down in the trailer, my dog Rusty strolled out of the other room and started jumping up and down as if he wanted to go for a walk. I petted him and thought, is this where you were from before I got you from the animal shelter?

Again, the idea of Rusty feeling at home on a movie set when he runs away at the slightest hint I might take his picture should have sent up red flags! Nothing..

Suddenly, Tom Cruise came bursting into the room wearing a grey hoodie, excited to see Rusty.  I was shocked but as I refuse to get star struck around another actor I just said hello. I then proceeded to show him Rusty's dog tag with my name and phone numbers on it. I don't care who he is he was not taking my dog from me.

He sat down next to me and was very friendly. We had a great conversation about something, not sure what. but all of a sudden I "knew" Tom and I had become close friends. I thought wow this is funny that I am talking with my pal Tom Cruise and we are both Rusty's pet parent.

With that I woke up.

In the moment it all made a certain sense until I opened my eyes. I immediately realized how close I was to having a lucid dream. With any luck I will have another opportunity!  

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