Friday, May 3, 2013

Searching For Messages: My First Dream Adventure

My inner journey begins.

I remember moments of a dream from last night. I was in a place similar to my home in Philadelphia. Someone from my family was with me, either my sister or her daughter- both named Andrea. It was some time in the early morning hours. We were in a fight to the death. Not with each other but with evil forces out to kill us.

At the same time, we were also on an island with a wild tiger. She was convinced that she made peace with the wild tiger and he would not kill her. We were running through the jungle and got separated. I was running to hunt this man. He was the actor, James Purefoy who played the serial killer/cult leader "Joe Carroll" in the Fox series "The Following".  Somehow I found out Joe was setting a trap for me. He sent some guys after us.

Andrea got caught and was tied to something like the throne from the series "Game of Thrones" it was large, put on a hilltop clearing where I was able to see her. It was as if the branches that made up the throne wrapped around her. She was being sacrificed to the tiger. She waited bravely with her captors, confident she would survive. Meanwhile I raced to my childhood home. The tiger ran through the forest and killed the people guarding my sister/niece. When it got close to her, I recognized that tiger was "Richard Parker" the tiger from "Life of Pi".   He ripped the vine-like branches that held Andrea. She was free and smiling at the giant cat that simply turned and disappeared back into the jungle. In some weird way my sister and I were like the "Wonder Twins" of DC comics. I was seeing the tiger leave through her eyes so I knew she was safe.

I got home and as if I were in a scene from "Salem's Lot", I walked through the three story Philadelphia row home where I spent the majority of my childhood. My family was not there. Everything was covered with white cloth, like it was closed up for the winter. I reached the third floor with the bedrooms. I checked each one. "Joe Carroll was laying asleep on a bed but I knew he was pretending. I walked on to another room to what I sense was the trap set for me. I wrestled with some guy and Andrea appeared and we staked this stranger who we "knew" was a vampire. I walked down the halllway to the main bedroom. The cult guy was hiding in the bathroom.. He quietly jumped out behind me. He grabbed me around my neck and attempted  to bite my neck. With a large stake stuck up my wrist, I plunged it into his gut and he died.  I woke up.


Not sure what meaning is to be derived from this at the moment. I do know two things. Last night I went to a friends house after picking up "Life of Pi from the Red Box machine by my neighborhood 7Eleven. My friend was not in the mood for it and decided to run out and get "Hitchcock" with Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins. After enjoying that tale of the making of "Psycho", I got home determined to watch my original cinema choice. So I traveled to the world of Ang Lee's "Life of Pi". I went to bed with an intense feeling of joy and serenity and connection to my spiritual self.

Before I drifted to sleep, I asked my "Inner Self" if it had anything it wanted me to know. I proceeded to open to a random page from a "spiritual' book called  "Creative Mind" by Ernest Holmes. Filled with such peace from the movie, I read a section that started with this sentence.  

"The man who wishes to practice metaphysics must first, last and all the time realize that he himself is a center of divine activity; he must know that whatever God is in the Universal; he is in the world in which he lives."

I drifted to sleep with the belief that this passage was in some way answering a question I asked someone earlier that day in a discussion forum as to how long it would take to experience meditation as something other than a frustrating fight to quiet my racing mind. I'm not sure but I felt like I was being told to be patient and trust and my meditation would bear fruit. This was my last thought before my memory of this crazy dream with "Richard Parker" and "Joe Carroll" who I battled in my dream state.

Much to explore with this one.  


  1. Now, that's a crazy dream that only an actor would have! I love recalling my dreams and their imagery; it's always so vivid.

  2. Haha! It was so much fun! I am blown away by how much it still feels like a real memory more than a dream.

  3. That's a more interesting dream than I normally get.

  4. Yeah they have been a bit on the Hitchcock thriller side these days which I must admit are keeping me on my toes!

  5. you should wake up from u dream . Face the real life and fight for u dream

  6. Well, I spend most of my time in real life fighting for my dreams as an actor so I got that covered.