Friday, May 24, 2013

Sometimes, Technology Sucks!

There are days when I simply want to scream with all the circles I find myself running in just to figure out how to get around a problem that forces me to rely on technology. With all these tech changes, actually talking to someone for help is becoming a serious challenge.

I got a new program, the other day,  for my computer that is suppose to make it run faster. I haven't noticed much of a difference to be honest other than being $40.00 lighter in the wallet paying for this program. It has however, cleared out the usernames and passwords on the sites I regularly go to during the week.

On one site in particular, I typed in my username and password and it comes up as invalid. I double checked my trusty password sheet I have stored in my safe for just such emergencies. Still, no luck. I even tried the reset password button on the site and don't you know the screen turns to a blank page.  With all these updates and revamps to keep sites current, finding help is the one thing that is slowly disappearing. I found an email address for a webmaster of the site but it has been a few days and I have not  gotten a response.

Is the universe trying to tell me something or what?

At this point I am so frustrated, I am getting a dogged determination to find out how to resolve this problem before I take my entire computer and smash it against the wall!!!

The funny thing out of this whole mess is that that new program, despite doing little to actually clean up my computer, has a function where it delivers a loud message informing me that it has finished with some random updates. The message is so loud and sudden, I find myself continually jumping out of my skin whenever it goes off. Ahhh.... technology. Isn't it great? 

Okay. I have sufficiently vented. Time to step away and breathe...  


  1. Now, that's a tough one for sure. I'm no fan of certain types of technology especially when it comes to computers and things going wrong. I always have to get someone to help me out, and in the process try to remember what I did that actually caused it to go wrong. Sometimes the actual program may be dodgy and it's nothing that you did.
    Maybe you should put a 'discussion' on BC asking for assistance or go back to the shop and let them know what's happening. Maybe search Google about the product you bought, to see if anyone else is having the same issues.

    Sorry I can't be of further help and I hope you get it sorted very quickly.

  2. Unfortunately the site I am having a problem accessing is BC. It won't accept my password or let me reset it and I can't find any tech support so, I won't be posting on the discussion page for a while. Haha! Hopefully tech support will respond to my s.o.s. I sent via a post to Tony on his Google+ page but not sure if or when they will.

    Thanks for the support:) Say hi to folks on BC Discussion boards for me:)

  3. Hell.
    So sorry Kevin, & I did wonder where you were.
    Cheers, ic

  4. You must be my lucky charm, Ian. After noticing your comment, I decided to try accessing BC again. For whatever reason, the reset password page finally worked and I am able to log on once more!!