Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dreams: Making Sense of The Madness

I have yet to completely get the reason for any given dream lately but they are definitely getting more vivid and memorable.

In the first dream I recall being outside of my childhood neighborhood. It was nighttime. I was standing on the sidewalk outside my house. I could see a female figure running away. I turned and looked at the house. I somehow knew that inside were baby twins my niece and nephew who needed protecting.

(In real life I have no niece and nephew who are twin babies. My nieces and nephews are much older in real life. Nevertheless they existed in the dream.)

I walked to the house and noticed that the front door was open. I could sense someone was hiding behind the door. I raced away down the street trying to scream for the police but my voice couldn't  make a noise. I suddenly had laryngitis.  I grew up in a neighborhood of cul de sacs. I raced to another street, drawing out the stranger in my house. I was standing in the middle of the street. A short, heavyset, angry black woman dressed in jeans and a hoodie came charging at me. She tried to attack me and I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against a car. She broke free and ran away. My dog Rusty came running toward me. as he got near, the woman in a hoodie threw a dagger stabbing Rusty in the back. I immediately pulled the dagger out and threw it, nailing the woman in her throat. She fell dead and I hugged Rusty in my arms in the middle of the street.

Later, I changed scenarios completely. I was in my old office here in Los Angeles. I was in a room crowded with paperwork. I was looking at a computer. People were running about and being fired. I walked to a conference room made of glass walls. I took my seat and I listened to the managers talking but I don't recall what was said just that people were being let go. The meeting broke up and I with two other people walked out the front door and we were suddenly in downtown San Francisco. The two guys were looking for a specific building and didn't want me to know how to get there. I however knew how to get there. We split up and raced to the location making our way through the crowd.

I am noticing a number of my dreams have taken me back to my childhood neighborhood. They've also included buildings or rooms made largely of glass, not to mention varying levels of violence. No judgements of what these observations mean yet but for the moment are points of interest. The one thing I found fascinating was throwing a dagger into someone's throat was so startling it woke me up. I immediately told myself to remember this dream, then I fell back to sleep.

I am happy to note I am gradually strengthening my ability to recall and engage mt brain in the importance of remembering. This is progress indeed.



  1. I hardly get a good nights sleep let alone have dreams I can remember properly. And when I do remember one, it seems to be only for the first couple of hours after I awake, then it's gone clean out of my mind.

    Maybe you should try keeping a diary of what's going on to see if there are any similar patterns in real life. I'm not saying that you're going to nail some hoodie in the neck, but you just might end up saving one, if you know what I mean.

  2. That's actually a good idea. I have had challenges with journals in the past but I think it would be very useful. Thanks!