Friday, July 4, 2014

Social Media Self-Education: YouTube Vlogging is Not Easy!!!

As  I discussed in a prior posting, I am all about getting well-versed in the various social media sources of self-expression. It all can be a bit much when it comes to information overload so I am making peace with the fact that there is no need to rush since I am doing this for myself and no one else. The world will survive without a tweet from me before I am ready:)

I have been digging deep into YouTube and that is a community that I am really "vibing" with. I have found some really cool channels to subscribe to and I even dusted off my Canon Powershot A3400is. I bought it a while ago so I could take pics and have fun with it but never considered using the video functions until now.

After a strange night of insomnia, I went for a walk along the Chandler Bike path and decided to find a bench and try to vlog. When you are outside you are never so aware of extraneous sounds until you are trying to tape.  I am relatively close to the Burbank/ Bob Hope Airport. I 've lived hear for years and after year one, the sound of airplane taking off moved to the background of my mind.  Not so, on Wednesday morning when I tried taping.

To be honest it was fun and weird at the same time. You have people walking by wondering what you are doing or passing with facial expressions of confusion, superiority or just plain curiosity. It definitely forces you to get comfortable with being vulnerable in public but that's not so bad a thing, right?

The challenging part is actually doing film editing. I found something called VideoPadEditor by NCH software. It was free with an option to upgrade to a professional version. I'nm not there yet.  I simply wanted to explore what it would be like to do the editing. I will admit I got more than a little obsessed. I dived in but I didn't have the patience to go through the tutiorials first. I dived in then pulled up the tutorial and tried to apply things as I went along.  Let's just say, I have a ways to go before I get this video edited. :)

My hat goes off to all of the vloggers out there. Even doing a basic no frills editing job is no small task. So, imagine what goes into all those videos with music and visual tricks. Bloody hell, you guys rock!

I will say, I have been toying with the idea of vlogging on youtube but I think it will be something more about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Also, I think I could really enjoy creating videos as a fun hobby. As frustrating as it is, I was having fun. The drawbacks at present are I don't have a laptop, nor do I have photo shop, or any of the necessary software that I really need to do this thing well. That is yet another thing to add to my Social Media Education "To Do" list!

Wish me luck! The journey continues!!      

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